Welcome to hair-ably! Please join me in my quest to embrace the fact that I am a 58 year old woman with thinning hair. I believe that I am on the young and healthy side of my 58 years. While working from home one day during the 2020 pandemic I noticed that my scalp was peeking out in some spots on the top of my head. Can I learn to cope with the fact that my hair is falling out at a greater than normal rate? 😳

This was the start of an emotional tailspin. I immediately started researching to learn as much as I could about why this was happening. I know that I’m not young anymore, but I thought that my hair would hang in there until I was at least 70, right? Maybe this is stress related? We are all pretty stressed during the pandemic of 2020 right? I’m grasping for anything to give me hope that this will improve once some other issue resolves.

At any rate, my favorite source thus far for information about the reasons for thinning hair is this Harvard Health Blog. Likewise, this Healthline article was the best at clearly listing different treatment options. I promise that I’ll augment this list as I find more good info.

After several days of this franticness, I decided to start this blog. Why not channel my newfound obsession with my thinning hair into a mission to embrace it with humor while sharing my efforts of trying to control or slow the process. I am aware that hair-ably is kind of a lame name, but I’m trying to embrace it.

Please hop on for the ride with me. Please help me learn to cope with my thinning hair if it’s staying this way. Maybe I can help you accept yours! Could we still be attractive with less hair? Is a wig the answer? I know I’m not the only woman with more than a normal amount of hair falling out. 🙂